Satirical newspaper reports snail licking epidemicDid you hear the news about the Waterford man charged with sorcery after giving his wife multiple orgasms? No!? Surely you heard about the Ballygunner man who won the Nigerian lottery or the snail licking epidemic sweeping the streets of Waterford?

If you haven’t then you are clearly not a devout reader of Waterford Whispers….an online newspaper focussing on news in the South East with a sprinkling of international stories.The ‘paper’ has a growing following with almost 3000 people fans of their Facebook page. That’s pretty good considering the Waterford News and Star has a reported circulation of only 8,500 and long running radio station, WLR FM, has under 5000 fans on Facebook.

The satirical newspaper is well worth a look, even if you’re not lucky enough to be from Waterford!

Some of the stories that caught my eye: