Clothing retailer Uniqlo in the UK is re-launching their online store and in the lead up to this they’re running a clever Twitter campaign inviting shoppers to ‘Tweet for a Treat’.

The Japanese-run discount clothing chain have set up the ‘Lucky Counter’ on their website which features a number of clothing items – the top sellers from their online store. UK shoppers and their friends can tweet about any item on the page and thus drive the cost of the clothing down.

Uniqlo Tweet for a Treat

The idea being the more you tweet, the more you save. The items will sell at their final discounted price when the campaign ends this Thursday and the new site is live.

This makes a refreshing change from sticking up a holding page stating that you’re redeveloping the site and serves to create awareness of the value clothing available in advance of the launch of the new site.

This initiative follows on from another successful Twitter-based campaign launched by Uniqlo in June to promote their summer sportswear. SportsTweet was a website (no longer live) that analysed the ‘sportiness’ of your tweets, ranking them against other users, encouraging people to compete with each other for the top ranking. Whilst awaiting your ‘sportiness’ ranking, you watched video footage of athletes wearing the latest sports clothes from the retailer. It reportedly attracted over 5000 users who could also share their score on Twitter.