We all know that news – be it good or bad – spreads fast. However some news sites trump the rest in terms of having their content pushed out to the far corners of the internet. Are you keeping an eye on the sites that could have the most impact on you or your clients?

Flowtown have analysed the news sites around the globe and have come up with a top ten list. Three UK news outlets make the cut – The BBC, the Guardian and the Telegraph.

Top ten most shared news websites

The guys at Flowtown explored not only at the ‘most shared’ news sites, but also at the biggest influencers and the top ‘shared’ stories for each of the sites. Unsurprisingly some famous names pop up as key influencers – the likes of @perezhilton, @mariahcarey and even @mchammer – who have hundreds of thousands of followers online and as a result, plenty of online clout.

Looking at the most shared stories across the sites there’s a trend towards consumer technology, social media, politics and celebrity news. Although there were a few surprises – who’d have thought that so many people would be interested in claims that an ‘oriental yeti was discovered in China’ or that ‘proper nouns come in to play in Scrabble rule change’!?

Full infographic here.