There are 150 million active Facebook users connecting to the social network via their mobile phones according to another great infographic from the guys at Flowtown.

The rise of Facebook mobile-an infographic

The huge increase in people accessing sites such as Facebook ‘on the go’ underscores the massive change in how we consume media and the importance of keeping ‘mobile consumers’ in mind when planning any campaign.

Simple things can make your content more ‘mobile-friendly’ such as making sure the content of your website is easy ‘to scan’ rather than ‘to read’ or keeping use of flash on sites to a minimum to facilitate iPhone/iPad users.

You should ‘think mobile’ in terms of the content you send out into the world also. For example, posting press releases and articles to online news resources and social bookmarking sites, recording simple YouTube videos to accompany promotional activities (YouTube is not only one of the most popular websites, it’s also one of the most popular mobile apps) or posting campaign photography to Flickr or Facebook.

As people want more and more of the content ‘to go’, it’s important promotional material can move with them or else it’ll get left behind.