This is really clever…in Germany, to promote the relaunch of the crime drama 13th Street Universal, the promoters wanted to get people ‘interested in the genre thriller/crime like never before‘. So NBC Universal created ‘the first movie in the outernet‘ – essentially an interactive game based around the film. People applied online to be a ‘witness’ to a crime and were brought to the crime scene where they become part of the drama.

The Witness - Smartphone Augmented Reality GameThe smartphone essentially becomes their key to the sordid world of the Russian mafia. The augmented reality game sees people watching video clues on an iPhone as they stand in the location the video was shot, giving them the sense that they are really part of the scene.

Using the phone’s GPS the players have to travel around Berlin on an intricate scavenger hunt. They check-in using location-based technology at various places around the city, collecting clues by scanning QR codes in order to save the day.

Check out this video which explains the promotional campaign…