A product launch can be a stressful thing. Well imagine managing a product launch with over 100,000 attendees broadcasted live in Tel Aviv and London. That’s a launch that makes the term ‘big budget’ a complete understatement.

Israeli marketing agency Promarket were hired to create some noise around a ‘next generation (NGN) broadband’ product from telecomms company Bezeq which they’re calling the “world’s most advanced web technology“. On the list of over-used words and phrases in PR and marketing, ‘innovative, ‘future-proof’ and ‘next generation’ are often in the mix and all too often associated with broadband products. So it can be hard to cut through the marketing scepticism and shine a light on a truly innovative product.  The Israeli agency decided the best way to showcase the broadband offering was to really ‘use‘ it and so the concept of a transatlatic 3D launch, made possible by the NGN broadband, came to the fore.

They joined forces with UK “brand experience agencySledge to bring England to Israel. A public event was held at Tel Aviv harbour which attracted over 100,000 people donning 3D specs for the occasion. It was broadcasted live on giant screens in high definition and 3D to the South Bank of the Thames in London. A lecture from Ian Pearson, BT’s Futurologist, concerts, street performers and a large chinese circus were just some of the things on display. There was also a 3D showhouse to illustrate what homes “will look like in the era of NGN technology”.

Check out a video on the campaign here: