General Electric (GE) is ranked as the World’s second largest company by Forbes and has recently being pushing the boundaries in order to make themselves a more ‘open’ organisation.

A year and a half ago they launched GE Adventure in partnership with the Barbarian Group, an American digital marketing agency. The blog aims to give an insight into the workings and ethos of the multinational organisation from the point of view of the Barbarian Group and inspire a love for science and technology. Now the agency has gone a step further, launching the GE Show – a series of video ‘episodes’ tacking key issues and helping consumers to ‘understand the technologies that are changing our lives’.

Noah Brier of the Barbarian Group said the idea was “to launch a “show’ for GE that explained the big problems they were out there tackling.”

The episodes are broken down into bitesize segments and they aim to combined entertainment with education and consumer interaction. For example, the viewer in encouraged to ‘add to the story’ by participating in an accompanying online poll. News, additional info and even online games are integrated to add to the user experience. The first video focuses on healthcare – “Healthy Hospitals” – and the game associated with it serves to highlight the difficulties managing and treating the volume of patients in the average hospital waiting room, underscoring the message conveyed in the video.

At least four other ‘episodes’ are scheduled with teasers on the site and the plan is to publish a new ‘episode’ every few weeks.

Giving the consumer an insight into your company is great – personalising the brand, building relationships and all that jazz. However who is going to actually watch these videos and how are they being promoted to the average consumer? The videos aren’t currently available on YouTube and can only be accessed via the company’s website – immediately narrowing the audience.

That said, many companies operating in the B2B space dismiss digital marketing and creating such engaging content as being simply for FMCG brands. GE’s efforts online show that you don’t have to be a consumer brand to communicate creatively with the general public. Regardless of the business you’re in, it’s possible to give an insight into what makes your company tick and why your products/services make a difference. Such open communication can stand you in good stead with the public and the media alike should a crisis hit.