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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly PR Behind the BP Oil Spill


The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is the largest offshore oil spill in US history. BP have finally managed to put a temporary cap on the well which has spewed out between 94 million and 184 million gallons of oil into the sea.  The flow of oil is now stopped for the first time in 87 days….


Taking the Twit out of Twitter

PR, Social Media

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Dublin Web Summit. Ray Nolan, one of the speakers and Founder of and, made a comment that stuck in my mind. He advised not to “tweet away your career” as he believes if you’re on Twitter all the time during your work day then you’re probably not doing your work…


Will the @earlybird Catch the Advertising Worm?

Marketing strategy, Social Media

Twitter is about to launch another brand-friendly revenue stream…a shopping twitter channel. The site had given people raised eyebrows in the past as people wondered how they planned to bring in any money! Earlier this year, Twitter began to answer that question by launching ‘promoted tweets’ and ‘sponsored trending topics’. Now they’re is upping the ante, according to Read Write…