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Falling Out of Love with Brands Online

Social Media

What causes consumers to say “it’s not me, it’s you” and move to “unsubscribe,” “unfan,” “unlike,” or “unfollow” a brand? A new report looks at exactly that – the motivations and actions of US consumers as they terminate their relationships with brands through Email, Facebook, and Twitter.


Think Mobile When it Comes to Promotional Campaigns

PR, Social Media

Marketing and PR professionals now need to ‘think mobile’ when it comes to campaigns. A recent infographic shows that the number of people accessing Facebook from mobile devices is growing rapidly, highlighting the importance of content that can be accessed on the go.


Does my arse look big in this?

Social Media

How many times have you picked up a pair of jeans and pondered whether they were the right ones for you? Is the wash right? Will your arse look big in them? The Old Navy chain of clothes stores in the US is attempting to remove all the obstacles between you and that perfect pair of jeans. Drumroll…Introducing the Booty…