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Parasailing Donkey – Promo Stunt or Blatant Cruelty?

Marketing strategy, PR

We all come up with some pretty ‘out there’ ideas from time to time but usually such crazy plans are vetoed by colleagues upon first review before they ever see the light of day! One of the most bizarre promotional stunts I’ve seen in a while took place last week. A parasailing company in the Russian resort of Golubitskaya parasailed…


Will the @earlybird Catch the Advertising Worm?

Marketing strategy, Social Media

Twitter is about to launch another brand-friendly revenue stream…a shopping twitter channel. The site had given people raised eyebrows in the past as people wondered how they planned to bring in any money! Earlier this year, Twitter began to answer that question by launching ‘promoted tweets’ and ‘sponsored trending topics’. Now they’re is upping the ante, according to Read Write…