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Augmented Mirror – The Future of Media?

Digital marketing

The New York Times have taken the fairytale concept of turning to ‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall’ for insight and given it a 21st century makeover. In an effort to show how facial recognition, voice commands and gesture recognition (using Micosoft Kinect) can combine to change how people consume content and go about their daily routine, the New York Times…


Booze and Schmooze is Back


The free monthly networking event, Booze and Schmooze, is back and open to anyone working in PR, marketing or the media. It aims to “provide a relaxed environment in which to make useful and interesting contacts – essential to their success in the industry – without the awkwardness involved in formal networking.” No longer driven by the marketing people at…


Waterford Whispers Newspaper an Unmissable Read

Digital marketing

Did you hear the news about the Waterford man charged with sorcery after giving his wife multiple orgasms? No!? Surely you heard about the Ballygunner man who won the Nigerian lottery or the snail licking epidemic sweeping the streets of Waterford? If you haven’t then you are clearly not a devout reader of Waterford Whispers….an online newspaper focussing on news…


What the F**K is Social Media Now?

PR, Social Media

Who knew that one third of women aged 18-34 check Facebook when they first wake up – before even going to the bathroom? Such statistical gems can be found in this presentation by Marta Kagan, Managing Director at US integrated marketing agency, Espresso. The slickly designed presentation really emphasises how quickly social media has become mainstream and the sheer volume…


Daily Star Don’t Check their Facts & Get Rumbled

Digital marketing

Earlier this week I wrote about a very questionable story published by the Daily Star in the UK in which they claimed a movie and videogame based on killer, Raoul Moat, was in the works. They even published the supposed cover of the videogame – “Grand Theft Auto: Rothbury”. Surprise surprise, the paper have now admitted there wasn’t a word…


Press Conferences Apple-Style: Criticise the Media through Song


So incase you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks – newsflash – there’s a problem with the iPhone 4. Essentially the issue is with the phone’s antenna which means if you hold it the way you would a normal mobile phone, your signal drops off. A phone without phone signal. A phone that you can’t hold…