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Think Mobile When it Comes to Promotional Campaigns

PR, Social Media

Marketing and PR professionals now need to ‘think mobile’ when it comes to campaigns. A recent infographic shows that the number of people accessing Facebook from mobile devices is growing rapidly, highlighting the importance of content that can be accessed on the go.


News bytes

Digital marketing

Links of interest from the past few days – Brendan O’Connor’s interview with Gazza, Anne Doyle’s tweet about Brendan O’Connor, Twitter analytics and more…


Top Ten ‘Most Shared’ News Sites

PR, Social Media

We all know that news – be it good or bad – spreads fast. However some news sites trump the rest in terms of having their content pushed out to the far corners of the internet. Are you keeping an eye on the sites that could have the most impact on you or your clients? Flowtown have analysed the news…