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Customer Experience is the Brand

Business Strategy, Digital marketing, Marketing strategy

I was recently interviewed for a FirstWord¬†Report on ‘Customer Experience in Physician and HCP Engagement‘. Customer Experience (CX) has been a ‘hot topic’ for a few years now¬†with the inevitable buzzword bingo that goes with it. The increase in dedicated ‘Customer Interaction’, ‘Customer Excellence’ or ‘Customer Experience’ roles and titles that have been established in companies across sectors is testament…


Study: Brands That Do Better Online Do Better Financially

PR, Social Media

I came across an interesting study over the weekend of the World’s “100 most valuable brands” which concluded that there was a clear and significant relationship between quality online consumer engagement and financial performance. Wetpaint/Altimeter group looked at how well these brands were engaging with consumers using social media and “how that engagement correlates with their most important financial metrics:…


I Need an iPhone 4 but Don’t Know Why


I’ve watched this video a few times now and the nerd in me had a good ol’ snort each time. A clever video which highlights the power of brand ‘iPhone’ and the Apple marketing machine: httpvh://