Adidas and Intel develop virtual footwear wall - adiVerseNext time you walk into a shoe shop you may be greeted by the glare of wall-to-wall plasma screens rather than ‘eau-de-new shoes’. As of next year shoe shops and other stores may be going virtual, transforming shop walls into selling machines.

Retailers have long-since been struggling with a conundrum – how to have ample ‘floor space’, showcase as much stock as possible without cluttering the store front and yet have plenty of stock storage room. Intel have now potentially solved that problem by creating a ‘virtual footwear wall’ which can display thousands of products.

Intel partnered with Adidas to showcase how the wall would work with ‘adiVerse’. Shoppers can browse a massive array of up to 8000 shoes, viewing selected trainers from multiple angles, getting additional information and even video content where available. You can even see what people are saying about the shoe on social networks…viewing Twitter feeds and Facebook comments. Interestingly customers are given a tablet PC by a staff member in order to purchase the item, signing up for an account and giving Adidas a chance to capture customer info such as email addresses for further marketing initiatives.

Chris Aubrey, VP, Global Retail Marketing for Germany-based Adidas said: “We’ve leveled the playing field for small retailers…They can now act like a big flagship store in a town like New York.”

A prototype is expected to be rolled out in the UK next year. Watch this video with Aubrey for more info and to see the wall at work:

(h/t Fast Company)