So you’re walking through the airport and a stranger comes up to you and hands you a box. Do you:

(A) Scream ‘bomb’ and look for security?

(B) Think wowee this is my lucky day?

KLM Surprise Campaign give passengers personalised giftsRoyal Dutch Airline KLM has launched an interesting social media customer rewards campaign called ‘KLM Surprise‘ at an airport in Amsterdam. When passengers check in at the airline’s Foursquare locations, the KLM Surprise team leap into action. They scour the passengers social networking profiles to find out information on the passenger in order to come up with a personalised gift to surprise them with.

Apparently travellers have gotten gifts of champagne, a watch and one guy, who was going to miss a soccer match, received a New York guide book with the best soccer bars bookmarked for him. KLM are sharing photos of the ‘surprised’ passengers on their Facebook page.

A nice idea, athough I doubt RyanAir or Aer Lingus will be imitating this any time soon…lest you get your hopes up!

The Airline did have one flaw in their social media strategy – they failed to properly monitor the campaign. The KLM Surprise website was pulling in all the tweets using the hashtag #KLMsurprise. However some crafty sods realised the airline wasn’t monitoring the feed and so tweets such as these were published along with some other unmentionables!

  • I do love your ability to bring tourists and marijuana closer together #klmsurprise #hashtaggeddit
  • Service so crap you feel like an inmate and not a passenger #klmsurprise

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