Watch this and imagine seeing it on the luas on the way to work….


In London this digital display advert, promoting the “Bloody Mary: Killer Queen Exhibit” at the London Dungeon, has been pulled from tube stations for scaring the bejesus out of commuters.

A spokesman for the London Dungeon told that they are “amazed by the ASA’s decision, adding, “Indeed, we worked closely with all the necessary bodies to ensure our Bloody Mary advertising met all the required criteria. Undoubtedly the sight of a regal monarch morphing into a monstrous figure is an arresting one and was intended to grab attention. However, we are totally confounded by this decision.”

It’s not going to give you nightmares but if I was leaning against a wall, totally focused on my morning coffee, I might end up snorting Americano out my nose at that one.