QR codes are being utilised with increasing frequency in marketing and advertising in Ireland but what impact are they likely to have on your campaign? The latest report from Scanbuy looks at data from their QR code scanning application, ScanLife, and gives some insight into this aspect of mobile marketing.

Snapshot results

In 2010 their largest marketing campaign saw 65,000 QR code scans. Recently a Scanbuy customer completed a 6-week campaign that netted over 400,000 scans.

The average scans per code has increased 39%.

Adoption of QR codes in the Grocery (food) category showed the most year-over-year growth, as it jumped from 14% to 40% in all 1D products scanned. According to the report authors this “sharp increase indicates how barcode scanning has become part of many consumers’ everyday life.”

Interestingly the Health and Beauty category saw the number of QR codes scanned drop from 21% to 13%.

QR code usage is most popular in the 25-44 year old age group.

There has been a demographic shift in QR code usage – in Q3 2010, 70% of ScanLife app users were male. In Q3 2011, usage of the QR code reader amongst female consumers has risen by 13% to 43% of users whilst 57% are male.

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