Gaddafi 'Reporters without Borders' QR code print advertQuick Response codes (QR codes) are starting to become more mainstream in Ireland, popping up in print adverts in national press, posters and in-store promotional material just to name a few places. For those of you mulling over the potential of QR codes for message delivery, be inspired by this clever campaign for ‘Reporters Without Borders‘ by Publicis.

Print adverts featuring the dictators Gaddafi, Ahmadinejad and Putin contained a QR code at the bottom which asked readers to scan the code and then place their phone over the mouth of the person. A mouth appears – the mouth of a journalist telling you about what is happening in that dictator’s country. The tagline being ‘Because there are mouths that will never speak the truth‘.

The end of the video directs people to the campaign website where they can find more info. Clever stuff…it certainly adds a new dimension to print advertising and opens a new realm of possibilities.

This video explains the ad campaign: