Pepsi have unveiled a new concept – a ‘Social Vending Machine‘. Users can choose to buy a drink, viewing various brands, prices and their nutritional info or they can select to give a friend a ‘gift’ of a Pepsi drink.

To give a gift you select the brand and type in your information and your friends name and mobile number on the touchscreen kiosk. You can then record a video message or insert a personalised text message for your friend to go along with the gift. Your friend receives a text with your video message and a redemption code which they can input into a Pepsi vending machine to get their free drink.

A nice idea although a video message to go along with a free can of Pepsi might be a bit OTT! Pepsi also seem to have missed a trick here, which is unusual, in that this ‘Social Vending’ concept at present doesn’t include integration with social media. I’m sure they didn’t want redemption codes posted publicly so that dozens of people could try and redeem the one gift but surely the video/text message or a ‘gift alert’ could have been posted.

Watch a video taking you through the ‘social vending’ process here: