We all come up with some pretty ‘out there’ ideas from time to time but usually such crazy plans are vetoed by colleagues upon first review before they ever see the light of day! One of the most bizarre promotional stunts I’ve seen in a while took place last week. A parasailing company in the Russian resort of Golubitskaya parasailed a donkey to promote their service. Immediately you’d think…that must be fake. Nobody would harness up and donkey and send them up, up and away over the sea…would they!?

Well apparently this particular Russian outfit did.

Reports state the donkey was put in a harness and catapulted into the air! Braying loudly (wouldn’t you!) the donkey was towed above a boat for about half an hour with onlooking children crying on the beach at the scene. The donkey is said to have landed awkwardly on the sand and was dragged across the beach before being removed from the harness and comforted by locals.

Police have now launched an animal cruelty investigation into the incident. Check out the video footage here:


As in the recent ‘Dr Pepper Facebook Porn‘ debacle, marketers often walk the line between what will grab attention and get people talking and what is socially acceptable. This stunt leapfrogs any imaginable line of reason, moving into the realms of the unbelievable. Animal cruelty will never help to sell a product or service. I mean really…how many people sitting on that beach were likely to go…’huh…parasailing…well if a donkey can do it, be in distress and get dragged along the sand just show me where I sign up’!?