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Parasailing Donkey – Promo Stunt or Blatant Cruelty?

Marketing strategy, PR

We all come up with some pretty ‘out there’ ideas from time to time but usually such crazy plans are vetoed by colleagues upon first review before they ever see the light of day! One of the most bizarre promotional stunts I’ve seen in a while took place last week. A parasailing company in the Russian resort of Golubitskaya parasailed…


What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

PR, Social Media

Never underestimate the power of an irrate mother. One disgruntled and ‘shocked’ Glaswegian parent went head to head with Coca-Cola after a promotional campaign for Dr. Pepper on Facebook saw references to an infamous porn video appear on her 14 year old daughters status updates. Part of the ‘What’s the Worse That Could Happen’ creative, Coca-Cola developed a Facebook application…


Tips for PR People from the SB Post


Incase you missed it, Catherine O’Mahony took the opportunity to outline some tips for PR people on contacting journalists in yesterday’s Sunday Business Post. Some of these tips should be well known to experienced PR people but for those new to PR, these are a must read. Regardless, getting advice on public relations from a journalist’s point of view never…


Queen Advert Banned for Scaring Commuters

Marketing strategy

Watch this and imagine seeing it on the luas on the way to work…. httpvh:// In London this digital display advert, promoting the “Bloody Mary: Killer Queen Exhibit” at the London Dungeon, has been pulled from tube stations for scaring the bejesus out of commuters. A spokesman for the London Dungeon told that they are “amazed by the ASA’s…


Press Conferences Apple-Style: Criticise the Media through Song


So incase you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks – newsflash – there’s a problem with the iPhone 4. Essentially the issue is with the phone’s antenna which means if you hold it the way you would a normal mobile phone, your signal drops off. A phone without phone signal. A phone that you can’t hold…


Will Your Undies Withstand the Next Curry?

Marketing strategy, PR

I came across these great adverts by Australian underwear brand, Bonds, today – they’re part of the company’s “Say no to Dodgy Undies” campaign which was run in Australia a few months ago. Not just an ad campaign, the creative was launched off the back of a survey of 1100 Australian men to find out their underwear habits. The results…

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