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How Twitter do Recruitment

Social Media

Twitter are hiring. They’re inviting you to “Meet the Class of Twitter HQ” and get a sense of the organisation through this video. (Love the totally disinterested guy at the bottom right of the ‘user support’ tower) httpvh://! A clever way to involve employees in some small way in the recruitment process and to give some insight into your company…


Add a Google Search Story to your Site or Presentation

PR, Social Media

I love free tools that are easy and quick to use and Google Search Stories is exactly that. You enter six Google search queries and pick a music track and that’s it done. You end up with a short video highlighting the online presence of your chosen person/brand/product. You can then upload it to your YouTube account. Here’s an example…


Sylvester Stallone Blows up YouTube

Social Media

Sylvester Stallone has taken to YouTube to promote his new movie, The Expendables. I won’t be queing up to see the film, but this is worth a watch as it’s a great example of a YouTube takeover – Stallone literally destroys the site. The page looks exactly like the normal YouTube page except with a slightly blurry font and without…


Does my arse look big in this?

Social Media

How many times have you picked up a pair of jeans and pondered whether they were the right ones for you? Is the wash right? Will your arse look big in them? The Old Navy chain of clothes stores in the US is attempting to remove all the obstacles between you and that perfect pair of jeans. Drumroll…Introducing the Booty…


Titantic 2

Digital marketing

The trailer for the movie ‘Titanic 2’ was recently released online to much bemusement and disbelief. No this isn’t a piss-take. Yes this is a real movie. Yes the sentence – “Don’t tell me the ending” – is instantly irrelevant. httpvh://


Booze and Schmooze is Back


The free monthly networking event, Booze and Schmooze, is back and open to anyone working in PR, marketing or the media. It aims to “provide a relaxed environment in which to make useful and interesting contacts – essential to their success in the industry – without the awkwardness involved in formal networking.” No longer driven by the marketing people at…

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Healthcare & Medical below average for Google Ads performance (Study)

A new study from Wordstream on ‘Average Click-Through Rate in AdWords by Industry’ reveals that the engagement with Google Ads from the Healthcare and Medical category falls below average whilst competition is high. The importance of Google Adwords in Healthcare As we all live our lives propped up by...