The shirtless, buff, Old Spice guy came onto our screens back in February as part of a successful TV ad campaign for the brand. Within a fortnight the YouTube video had over 2.9 million views and Old Spice guy even made it on to the Ellen DeGeneres show in the US – such was the ads popularity. The brands social media campaign has been picking up pace in the last couple of weeks. The latest viral sensation, Old Spice have started to create customised videos for key influencers on sites such as Twitter and Facebook – the likes of Perez Hilton have the Old Spice dude talking directly to them.


The brands simple strategy – to target bloggers and social-media savvy celebrities with large online followings – quickly paid off as those who had received a video, shouted it out to all their followers online.

They have now started creating some personalised adverts for ‘average Joe’s’. An Old Spice Twitter fan called Johannes S. Beals tweeted on Monday, “Can U Ask my girlfriend to marry me? Her name is Angela A. Hutt-Chamberlin”. Sure enough Old Spice dude obliged and proposed to Angela:


….and Angela said yes. Romantic – no. A good story to tell the grandkids – definitely.

You’ll notice that the personalised videos are all done to the same backdrop…it’s the innovative concept, unique script and drole humour that make the videos a success so they can get away with putting the same green screen background…all eyes are on the ‘hunk’ after all! A great way for the brand to get maximum mileage out of a great concept and reach a huge number of potential customers very cost-effectively.

By the way – Old Spice guy’s real name is Isaiah Mustafa…alas he shall be forever known as Old Spice guy.