OK Go are a band becoming increasingly more famous for their videos than for their music. Their last video for their track ‘White Knuckles‘ has racked up almost 7.5 million views on YouTube and was a choreographed spectacle featuring 38 buckets and 12 highly trained dogs. This time round they’ve tried to capture our attention with….toast. Yep. Toast.

Artist Geoff McFetridge created an animation for the band which was etched frame by frame onto slices of toast. The guys got the latest camera from Samsung (the NX100) as a freebie to capture photos of their toast mountain – clever move by Samsung. The shots were then woven together to create a stop motion animation for their new single ‘Last Leaf‘.


Samsung are hoping to leverage the band’s success with this video to promote the NX100. They’ve created a campaign site which allows you to etch your own photos onto toast and upload the resulting toasted masterpiece to Facebook. You can ‘Toast Ithere.