Magnum Pleasure HuntSo we’ve all played one branded online game or another. From guessing the price of items in the ‘Lidl Big Trolley‘ to trying to jump as many sheep over a fence in a minute as possible (can’t even remember what that was for?!). Well Magnum have raised the bar in online advertising with their latest interactive game. Trust me…it’s worth checking out.

The ‘Pleasure Hunt’ takes you on a quest ‘across the internet’ to grab as many chocolate bonbons as possible. You start on the campaign website and then go on a journey through a series of brand websites – the result of “online brand partnerships, which individually add to the action within the game” according to the launch press release.

The character, a ‘pleasure seeker’, is navigated by you via the arrow keys on your keyboard. The girl in the game is actually a trained ballet dancer – more than 50 different movements were shot and stitched together in post-production to achieve the realistic movement of the character in the game.

The game really is impressive…the way you interact with each website you pass through, how it keeps your attention, the curiosity factor combined with the gaming element, taking your through to the end. She dives into a hotel website, takes an elevator to a Dove website before stealing a hand glider from a ski resort site and traveling through the online presences of Bed Head and Spotify…she even goes joy-riding in a new Saab.

The one annoyance about this game is that you’re never told why you should go on the ‘hunt’…there’s no apparent prize, just the chance to play the game and outdo friends. That said it’s still worth a go!

Take ten minutes and go on the ‘pleasure hunt’ yourself here.