In the run up to their 10th anniversary in Ireland, last month Lidl Ireland joined Facebook. In the last week they really started to grab consumers attention on the social network by launching a simple but effective competition on the site and earning themselves almost 5,500 ‘likes’ at the time of writing. Interesting when you consider that the ‘Boycott Tesco Ireland‘ Facebook Group has more members that the collective ‘likes’ of the various Tesco Ireland Facebook pages.

The Lidl Big Trolley competition the idea is simple – correctly guess the prices of ten Lidl store items in a row and be in with the chance to win a daily €100 voucher. It’s actually even simpler than it sounds as a price just appears and you whether you think the price is a ‘Lidl’ price or ‘Higher’ than a Lidl price.

Lidl Big Trolley Facebook Competition

A very clever way of highlighting the range of products sold in the store and the value on offer. The majority of people trying their hand at the competition would probably never pick up one of the trillion supermarket inserts which fall out of our newspapers, yet they will happily watch product shots and prices flash by them on Facebook as these advertisements are presented in a new and engaging way.The company is receiving positive feedback from Lidl shoppers on the site:

Lidl Positive Customer Feedback

They’re also using Facebook to chat to consumers, responding to queries and answering questions:

Lidl Engaging with Consumers on Facebook

Another competition is also running on the site whereby you can guess the value of a Lidl Big Trolley and be entered in a draw to win a €1500 holiday voucher…you’ll have to visit the Facebook page on July 22nd (Lidl’s birthday!) for your next chance at that though.