Justin Timberlake is now in the advertising and the tequila business. Not in the sense that he’s liquored up whilst starring in ads. Rather JT has launched ‘901 Tequila‘ – apparently the smoothest tequila ever (a contradiction in terms!?) – and has also directed the adverts for the brand which will air in the States in the coming months.

The first of the ads entitled ‘Let them Eat Cake’ features an attractive, confident, articulate woman, spouting lines such as: “A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges”, whilst her gentleman friend sips tequila on the rocks.

Yes behind every great woman is a man drinking tequila.


The next in the series are called ‘Improved By Use‘ and ‘Risk and Peril‘ and feature a cocky man making the thinking man’s choice to have the ‘uncommonly smooth’ 901 tequila and a severe looking woman brandishing a riding crop whilst two men sit tied up in the corner. Just a normal Saturday night with tequila by anyone’s standards.

Did anyone else notice that none of the leads in the ads actually drink the tequila? Strange.

The ads will run online and on US TV and will be complemented by a series of print ads. Watch out for a digital campaign using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

If you’re interested in the ads (or in Justin), you can watch the making of them here.