Dog poo in exchange for your morning coffee or muffin? Well not quite. A parody video has been released by creative duo, Ricky and Angela, poking fun at some of the quirkier apps now on the market.

As a dog owner, it really bugs me when other dog owners don’t clean up after their pooch. Nobody wants to step in a doggy ‘landmine’. So the idea of motivating dog owners to pick up after their dog by redeeming loyalty points is intriguing. The ‘idea’ is simple – use a ‘Poopon’ bag to pick up your dog’s ‘business’ and the warmth will cause a code on the bag to be revealed. You scan the code to collect ‘Poopon Points’ which can be redeemed at local stores.

Check it out…

A good idea even in jest or is it just *$”@?!


(via BuzzFeed)