Waiting areas can be uber-dull. A couch, some industry magazines, that day’s paper and…if you’re really lucky…a TV which is audible. Yahoo! have taken the waiting area and corridor at their California offices to a new level by installing an interactive ‘video wall’ which reacts to the movements of passers by.

The wall, which consists of six plasma screens, was developed by Tronic and features a large Yahoo! logo which is made up of movable tiles. The display features no instructions as it’s designed to pique the interest of people and watch them intuitively interact with the display. As people pass the screens, the tiles mimic their movement and grab their attention. The tiles represent key Yahoo! brands such as Yahoo! News and can be selected and enlarged through hand gestures, allowing people to read that tile’s information which is drawn from live feeds.

Nifty or what?! Here’s a short video showing the creation of the video wall and peoples reaction to it…


This isn’t the first time Yahoo! has tried something like this. A couple of years ago they installed an interactive display called “Shadow Mosaic Four by Five” which combined a video projector and camera to capture and replay people’s silhouettes. Not as slick but definitely more interesting than the average lobby!