What happens when you let 100 cats loose in a shop? Ikea have the answer.

The furniture store has launched a new advert to appeal to the I Can Haz Cheezeburger masses. As part of a ‘herding cats experiment’ they let 100 cats loose on the Ikea store in Wembley and recorded them roaming around. The video has amassed an impressive 345,305 views in just three days since it was posted to the brands dedicated YouTube channel – IkeaCats.


Ikea have launched a Facebook page to compliment the feline-friendly campaign which has over 4,200 fans to-date. In line with the ads tagline – Happy Inside – the page states that “IKEA make furniture for people as well as cats. Cats find the happiest places in the home – that’s why IKEA has used them in its cat-alogue and new advert.”

The Facebook page will soon launch a clever competition whereby fans will be given the opportunity to guess which furniture had the most cat appeal, in order to win those items.

A ‘making of‘ video has also been released which ironically is more interesting than the actual video as it shows a mini cat fight and one cat getting stuck in a wall and being cut out. The behind the scenes video has garnered 1,617,259 views on YouTube in the last five days.