When running an event what do you worry about? Nobody turning up? Some AV crisis which leaves you shouting from the stage and gesturing wildly? People thinking the event was dull?

PR and corporate communications publishers, Ragan Communications, had a lot more to worry about when holding a conference in Vancouver on Tuesday. A woman managed to gatecrash proceedings and began protesting against McDonalds – a speaker at the event.

Mark Ragan, CEO of Ragan Communications, was there when the protest began and said: “The whole episode offered a great lesson in what to do when someone hijacks your press conference or event.

He went on to say: “I made the decision to let her speak and NOT to have security drag her from the room,” he explained. “Her co-conspirator was filming her with a Flip cam, which meant they were hoping she’d be dragged from the room. That would have given her a dramatic video to send to local news outlets, YouTube, etc.

“Instead, she got a pretty boring video of her delivering a canned speech.”

Pat of the back to the event organisers for keeping their cool and diffusing an explosive situation. A great example of how to practice what you preach.