A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down‘…that may work in the rose-tinted world of Mary Poppins but in reality encouraging people to take their medicine is a task that can’t be overcome with a song. A WHO report estimated that between 30 and 50% of medicines prescribed for long-term illness are not taken as directed.

Healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical marketing and PR people spend a significant amount of time developing strategies to deal with medication non-adherence (i.e. taking your medicine as frequently as you’re supposed to and for as long as you’re supposed to). With that in mind, this US infographic created by Steven Wilkins,¬†Author and Owner of Mind the Gap, is quite interesting. It aims to “describe the ‘disconnect’ that often occurs between physicians and patients and the impact of adherence”. With stats like doctors spending just 49 seconds telling a patient what they need to know about a new medication, it provides an interesting insight into the medicine compliance issue.

Patient non-compliance with medication infographic