CTR benchmarks across industries

A new study from Wordstream on ‘Average Click-Through Rate in AdWords by Industry’ reveals that the engagement with Google Ads from the Healthcare and Medical category falls below average whilst competition is high.

The importance of Google Adwords in Healthcare

As we all live our lives propped up by our smartphones, the power of Search grows. There are over 100 billion monthly Google searches. More than half of those come from mobile devices (not including tablets). Famously Google once had a ‘glitch’ and had an outage for 5 minutes. In that 5 minutes traffic to websites around the World fell by 40%. A clear example of the power of Google.

One in 20 of all healthcare searches globally relate to health. I’ve previously written about the importance of search engine marketing for healthcare professional engagement as one third of physicians will search online after being visited by a sales rep. As such many pharma companies are increasingly investing in Google Adwords with this being now seen as a ‘tick the box’ requirement for any basic digital marketing campaign. The results of this research show that the average click through rate (CTR) on Google Ads across sectors is 1.9%

Google Adwords Cost Per Click Benchmarks Report Healthcare

Looking at the performance of adverts and their conversion – when someone clicks your ad and then takes an action that you’ve defined as valuable to your business – Healthcare and Medical ads also fall short of the average conversion rate of 2.7% at 2.51%.

The report also reveals that Healthcare and Medical ads are in the unlucky top six categories in terms of the cost per click (CPC) of ads. The average CPC in Healthcare being $3.17, reflecting the high competition for relevant keywords in the sector.

Recent changes from Google in relation to Adwords make this more important

This news is timely as Google recently announced that it has redesigned how it delivers ads through search. In a nutshell, the Google ads you’re used to seeing on the right hand side of your search page are gone. Commonly you’ll now only have four Google ads at the top of the main search stream. There’ll also be three ads at the bottom of the page. Google state that this is all part of their strategy to further optimise for the ‘mobile first’ experience. Many search engine marketers have commented that this could increase the cost per click of ads due to increased competition for less space. Given the data shown above, lets hope this isn’t the case!