Gillette launch campaign using twins to find out if the public like facial hairRandom factoid of the day – the study of beards is called pogonology. Well pogonologists worldwide will be on the edge of their seats as they watch Gillette’s new campaign in the UK unfold.

Shaving and male grooming brand Gillette has set out to find out which the public prefers – men with or without beards. To do this they’ve enrolled Dean and George Georgiades – identical twins who can be distinguished only by the fact that George is sporting impressive facial hair.

The twins will undertake a series of challenges over the next few weeks to see how the public reacts to bearded men. The men will aim to gauge, for example, whether shop assistants are more helpful to the clean shaven or whether whiskers pose a problem in a pasta-eating competition.

The brothers will catalogue their experiences online, primarily on Twitter on the brothers profiles and on the brands page, @GilletteUK. The winner of the contest will be the brother with the most followers.

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