I recently wrote about the number of digital campaigns being developed by car manufacturers to bolster sales on their latest models.

British electronica group, Faithless, have joined forces with Fiat’s ‘Punto Evo Music Rooms’ to promote the new Fiat Punto. Check out the advert ‘Tweak Your Nipple‘ – one of a number of collaborations between the band and the brand.


I’m not sure if there’s subliminal messaging at play here or if we’re to be hypnotized by floating breasts into buying a Punto, but the song is catchy.

The official video for ‘Feelin’ Good‘, the new single from Faithless album ‘The Dance‘, also features a slick new Punto motoring around a city at night. To me that is a far better ad for the car than the psychedelic trip that is ‘Tweak you Nipple’. The brand booked an entire 3 minute ad break to premier the Feeling Good advert during Channel 4’s Big Brother last Sunday (15th August).

This was apparently the World’s first prommercial according to Fiat. Elena Bernardelli, marketing director, Fiat Group Automobiles UK said: “We’re thrilled to be launching the first ever music/brand ‘prommercial’. No other car brand has co-created a music video where the story has been written with the car and band as equal partners, both as important as each other to the plot. The video is really fun and uplifting and we hope it genuinely does leave people ‘feelin good’.

This campaign is an extension of the brand’s hugely successful “Evo Music Rooms” TV series on Channel 4 last April. Hosted by Edith Bowan, the show featured up-and-coming unsigned acts and well known names such as the Doves and Biffy Clyro. Faithless were headliners.

Over 2000 acts applied to be part of the show, with that number cut down to six finalists by a judging panel and the voting public. During the campaign more than 170,000 people reportedly visited the campaign website with over 5100 people fans of the brands Facebook page.

To mark their latest musical promotion, Fiat are launching a limited edition ‘Feeling Good Punto Evo‘ kitted out with an entertainment system, spoilers and other such boy-racer kit. You can also listen to the Faithless album during the test drive.

The Punto Evo will also feature in the video for the single ‘Sun to me’ and a number of events for fans to coincide with the bands UK arena tour are also planned.