Grainne Seoige test the Old Navy Booty ReaderHow many times have you picked up a pair of jeans and pondered whether they were the right ones for you? Is the wash right? Will your arse look big in them? The Old Navy chain of clothes stores in the US is attempting to remove all the obstacles between you and that perfect pair of jeans. Drumroll…Introducing the Booty Reader!

On the Booty Reader microsite you’re asked to select three ‘occasions’ which relate to your dream jeans i.e. are they for lounging around or for going out and so on. You then need a picture of your ‘booty’…you can use a web cam to capture your rear, upload a picture or pick the bum that looks like yours from an ass line-up. The Booty Reader will then give you a description of your bottom and identify the right jeans for you.

Since I didn’t have a photo showing my curves to hand I tested the Booty Reader using a couple of pics of Grainne Seoige. According to ‘Madame Eva’, Grainne has “Voluptuous hips with a modest booty and an enviable flat tummy.” She should pick: “A pair of mid-rise denim with fun details – like pockets and stitching – will lift your dainty derriere and highlight its unique personality. Try jeans like Old Navy’s Sweetheart, Flirt or Rock Star fits”.

Who knew your butt had a unique personality!?

Shopping has always been seen as a social activity for women. Now clothing brands are battling to harness the social aspect of shopping online to benefit their digital marketing strategies. Old Navy isn’t the first to bring new technology into clothes shopping. In May, denim brand Diesel brought Facebook to the fitting room by installing the ‘Diesel Cam’ in select changing rooms in their Spanish stores.

The brand were keen to build a presence and engage with consumers on Facebook and so the Diesel Cam was created – allowing shoppers to take pictures of themselves in outfits and post these direct to Facebook to get feedback and advice from friends. The pictures are automatically Diesel branded so that your Facebook friends know that you’re modeling Diesel duds.

My first reaction to this is that a camera in changing rooms must be a bad idea and a potential privacy issue…what if ‘Big Brother’ is watching as you wrestle your way into those jeans or corral yourself into that top? I’d suggest that checking your Facebook privacy settings before stepping in front of the Diesel Cam would be a must. Nobody wants a picture of themselves poured into dodgy pants out there for all to see.

Apparently the campaign has been a success in Spain but it remains to be seen if Diesel will role out the initiative elsewhere.