You may have seen some adverts from Diesel’s “Be Stupid” campaign…well they’ve now released a new advert which is well worth a look.

Why ‘Be Stupid’? Well according to Diesel “Stupid is the relentless pursuit of a regret-free life” and “Smart has the plans, stupid has the stories“. Mmm…so the brand want to appeal to the ‘every man’ or you have to be stupid to wear Diesel? You can watch a video on the ‘Be Stupid Philosphy’ here.

Regardless of the rationale behind the campaign, the ads are very eye catching and I like the creative concepts…

Advertisement from the Diesel 'Be Stupid' campaign

Advertisement from the Diesel 'Be Stupid' campaign

Now they’ve released a new ad which I love. It features a giant arse being pursued by a sneaker to promote Diesel Sneakers with the tagline – “Diesel Sneakers, Not Made for Running – Great for Kicking Arses“. Clever stuff.