Fine Gael Enda Kenny 2.0 posterYesterday the latest Fine Gael promotional efforts got the web talking. In a ‘thank you’ video posted to the site, a steely-eyed Enda Kenny in full on ‘Minder gear urged people to get involved in their campaign. Well Enda has gotten his wish…

Rónán Mistéil (@ronnymitchell) created a great simple text editor allowing you to make your own Enda Kenny poster and people are loving it.

Check out some Enda masterpieces on and

So everyone is talking about the latest promo material from Fine Gael and the party’s ‘Team Ireland 2.0’ is being heard – granted most people thought the poster was a joke, but at least they’re aware of it and talking about it.

So is this initiative a great success or a failure?

It’s often said that ‘all publicity is good publicity’. However, since Brian Cowen made Ireland the butt of many a joke following his infamous hangover interview, and revelations around the economic crisis have called the calibre of our public representatives into question, a budding Taoiseach should be doing all in his power to be seen as a serious and credible leader.

In this case, although the Fine Gael posters have got people talking, it is for all the wrong reasons – mocking Enda Kenny, questioning the campaign tagline and causing people to generally wonder….are they for real?!

Given that Enda’s leadership skills have often been called into question and since people already don’t take him seriously, the hijacking of their poster campaign is more likely to lose the party votes than win them and as such is unlikely to be heralded a success by Fine Gael.