The trend towards ‘personalisation’ of products and services has been picking up steam in recent years. We can now customise the music we listen to with ease with services like iTunes and Last.FM. We can pick and choose the news we read – consuming it online when it suits us. We can watch our favourite videos, TV, shows and movies online, screening out adverts.

Brands have been jumping on the personalisation bandwagon to try to stand out from the crowd and engage with their target consumer. Companies like Star Stories allow you to give your kids story book that personal touch. Recently Heineken allowed people to design their own bottle of beer. You can design your own Converse and even create your own watch.

Two German students with a penchant for chocolate have harnessed the power of personalisation in their company Chocri – a German startup launched in the US in 2008. Chocri allows you to create your own chocolate bar by selecting different ingredients according to your personal preference through their website. You have white, milk or dark chocolate or a combo and add in a host of extra ingredients – everything from papaya bits to candied rose petals or even bacon!

Chocri website allows you to customise your chocolate

A simple concept but one which is serving the company well. According to a flattering profile piece in today’s Guardian, the customized chocolate company has “80,000 customers in Germany and the US, and despite still being at university, the company broke even after just two months, has a second office in New York and is planning to open in London”.