How are pharma companies adapting to the changing, challenging market and evolving the commercial model?

This short video summarises the key outputs from a survey of 150 sales, marketing and strategy leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. They looked where these companies had successes and where they are struggling.

The key takeaways

There are no silver bullet solutions – pharma companies need to evolve their approach across a number of dimensions. The video also highlights the importance of strong commercially-relevant KPIs and proof of concepts for any programmes – particularly those in the digital space.

What does the industry need to do?

  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness in the personal selling model
  • Invest in new capabilities – market access, medical, services
  • Invest in digital – to reach new customer groups and allow for different customer preferences
  • Overcome internal silos
  • Reorganise the commercial organisation to fit this new environment
  • Encourage people to innovate within the model and within the company
  • Rethink customer marketing to put the customer in the centre of everything