I recently spoke at the 3rd Annual Customer Experience Management Summit in Vienna on the topic of ‘content marketing’.

content marketing discussed at customer experience management in pharma conference in Vienna

Content marketing is much talked about across sectors with articles appearing everywhere from Harvard Business Review to McKinsey. However I’ve noticed that when it comes to this topic there are three distinct groups of people. 

  1. Those that don’t know what it is and don’t care – Many people are wrongly dismissing ‘content marketing’ as buzzwords and continuing with ‘business as usual’. This would be a mistake. Ignoring the massive content marketing trends across industries and the massive shifts in consumer content consumption would be to ignore to opportunity to grow your business.
  2. Those that ‘think’ they know what it is and, what’s worse, they think they’re ‘doing’ it – There are teams across all sectors creating content with pace and often without purpose. This is leading to frustrations and push back that content marketing is not an effective strategy when web or social content doesn’t have a transformative effect. Simply put – If you put crap out you will get crap back.
  3. Those that have cross-functional content marketing strategies that are having a measurable impact – These teams do exist. They exist in every sector from Banking & Finance, to Food & Beverages to Pharmaceuticals and everything in between.

Check out an extended version of the presentation here. It looks at what content marketing is (and isn’t), provides some examples from across sectors.