Cleraun Media Conference 2010 posterThe 13th Annual Cleraun Media Conference in taking place in Dublin on October 15-17th. The theme of the conference will be ‘Upholding Professional Integrity in Journalism and Documentary Film-making” and features an interesting lineup of speakers.

Click here to view or download the event programme.

A couple of talks caught my eye on Sunday the 17th…

  • 11am: Kate Shanahan, DIT lecturer and former RTÉ Radio & TV producer will discuss “Feeding the beast: sources, accountability and fact-checking in the 24-hour news cycle
  • 3pm: Don Van Natta Jr, the investigative correspondent at The New York Times who was involved in an investigation of the recent News of the World ‘phone tapping’ saga, will be talk about how “We are all investigative journalists

The Friday sessions are free to attend but it’s €120 to attend the other days. Visit their website for more information.