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Study: Brands That Do Better Online Do Better Financially

PR, Social Media

I came across an interesting study over the weekend of the World’s “100 most valuable brands” which concluded that there was a clear and significant relationship between quality online consumer engagement and financial performance. Wetpaint/Altimeter group looked at how well these brands were engaging with consumers using social media and “how that engagement correlates with their most important financial metrics:…


PepsiCo Sponsored Blog Fizzes up in their Face

Marketing strategy, PR, Social Media

Just as advertising and corporate sponsorship keeps many print publications on our shelves, so too it keeps the wheels of the internet turning. More and more websites are integrating advertising platforms and negotiating sponsorship deals with big brands to ensure they’ve the cash to keep their online show on the road. However it’s often a fine line between making your…


Will the @earlybird Catch the Advertising Worm?

Marketing strategy, Social Media

Twitter is about to launch another brand-friendly revenue stream…a shopping twitter channel. The site had given people raised eyebrows in the past as people wondered how they planned to bring in any money! Earlier this year, Twitter began to answer that question by launching ‘promoted tweets’ and ‘sponsored trending topics’. Now they’re is upping the ante, according to Read Write…