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What pharma digital marketers need to know about Google’s mobile search change

Digital marketing, Digital pharma

Yesterday Google announced some changes to how it helps users find mobile-friendly content. They will now penalise websites that use intrusive pop-ups or interstitials. Websites that Google deems to be blocking quick and easy access to content through such tactics will be have a lower mobile search ranking from January 1, 2017. More Google searches take place on mobile devices than…


Should you be hiring a content marketing team?

Change management, Digital marketing, Marketing strategy

At the end of last year Cisco announced a restructuring of global marketing and corporate communications, letting over 100 people go. This was part of a strategic shift from traditional marketing to ‘real time-personalised marketing communications’ from new CMO Karen Walker. The tech firm is now recruiting for over 200 new roles in content marketing at the company. From fluffy…


Customer Experience is the Brand

Business Strategy, Digital marketing, Marketing strategy

I was recently interviewed for a FirstWord Report on ‘Customer Experience in Physician and HCP Engagement‘. Customer Experience (CX) has been a ‘hot topic’ for a few years now with the inevitable buzzword bingo that goes with it. The increase in dedicated ‘Customer Interaction’, ‘Customer Excellence’ or ‘Customer Experience’ roles and titles that have been established in companies across sectors is testament…