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Free Web Technology Conference in Dublin

Digital marketing

I’ve been to a couple of great events lately but with conferences costing €100 and upwards…not to mention time out of the office, it can be hard to pick and choose which conferences you can afford to attend…or not to attend as the case may be! There are a growing number of quality free events springing up all around the…


Pac-Man iPhone Wallpaper

Digital marketing

When Google transformed their homepage into a playable version of the classic video game Pac-Man, we were all hooked. In fact it’s estimated that the game resulted in $120m in lost productivity as workers spent much longer on the page than the usual 11 seconds it takes the average user to search. A Japanese company has now developed a nice…


The Internet is Like MTV….WTF?!

Digital marketing

Why are you here? Don’t you know the internet is ‘over’!? So says Prince anyway so it must be true. Singer-songwriter Prince is on the publicity trail as he’s about to release his latest album “20Ten” as a freebie with European newspapers and magazines. In the UK, fans will be able to get their hands one of 2.5millions CDs on…


Restaurant Uses iPads as Menus

Digital marketing

Not coming to a McDonalds near you…A restaurant in Sydney has managed to put itself well and truly on the map by swapping its dog eared menus for Apple iPads. ‘Global Mundo Tapas’ developed a menu app for the iPad which displays a menu with pictures of each dish (which can be changed daily if required), sends your order direct…