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Waterford Whispers Newspaper an Unmissable Read

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Did you hear the news about the Waterford man charged with sorcery after giving his wife multiple orgasms? No!? Surely you heard about the Ballygunner man who won the Nigerian lottery or the snail licking epidemic sweeping the streets of Waterford? If you haven’t then you are clearly not a devout reader of Waterford Whispers….an online newspaper focussing on news…


Daily Star Don’t Check their Facts & Get Rumbled

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Earlier this week I wrote about a very questionable story published by the Daily Star in the UK in which they claimed a movie and videogame based on killer, Raoul Moat, was in the works. They even published the supposed cover of the videogame – “Grand Theft Auto: Rothbury”. Surprise surprise, the paper have now admitted there wasn’t a word…


Turning Tramp into Lady – Introducing Cami Secret

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Are you self conscious wearing low cut tops in the office? Feel your boss is oggling ‘the girls’? Now there’s a product for you…the Cami Secret…and it comes in a ‘range of designer colours’! Unbelievably this is not a joke. Who the hell would buy this? People better start hoping they don’t get me as their Secret Santa! httpvh:// First…


Daily Star in Hot Water over Raoul Moat Video Game Story

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So it’s Summer, it’s silly season and as such the pace of life in the nation’s newsrooms is that bit slower. However in the UK, the Daily Star’s newsroom have reportedly taken this relaxed vibe to the next level and put their heads down on their desks and allegedly ‘dreamed up’ a story. Yesterday the tabloid posted a story by…


Lidl Big Trolley a Big Hit on Facebook

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In the run up to their 10th anniversary in Ireland, last month Lidl Ireland joined Facebook. In the last week they really started to grab consumers attention on the social network by launching a simple but effective competition on the site and earning themselves almost 5,500 ‘likes’ at the time of writing. Interesting when you consider that the ‘Boycott Tesco…