What do you think of when you think of Ariel washing powder? Kids getting muddy outside? Men spilling coffee on their shirts? How about live gaming? Yeah…me neither!

The detergent brand wanted to engage with consumers in a new way so Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm set up a giant branded display case in Stockholm’s central station which housed an industrial robotic arm. The robot was controlled in real time by people in Sweden, Denmark and Norway through a game application on the brand’s Facebook page.

This effectively took the concept of a ‘fashion shoot’ to a new level as Facebook users took aim with the robotic arm at moving white laundry, shooting it to win a prize. A creative way to market the product digitally and create a ‘real life’ buzz around the brand in a high footfall area whilst still staying focused on the brand’s selling point – it cleans white clothes very well…the prize is the item of clothing you stained delivered to you gleaming white so that you can see the power of the product!

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