I love free tools that are easy and quick to use and Google Search Stories is exactly that. You enter six Google search queries and pick a music track and that’s it done. You end up with a short video highlighting the online presence of your chosen person/brand/product. You can then upload it to your YouTube account.

Here’s an example that I put haphazardly put together to illustrate how easy it is to do.

There are lots of other examples on the Google Stories site.

This could be a very handy tool for presentations. For example it could be used to…

  • creatively display the current search engine rankings of a company website in order to highlight the need for an SEO or digital marketing strategy
  • compare the online presence of your company/client with competitors
  • highlight the online sentiment or ‘buzz’ around a brand before and after a promotional campaign
  • illustrate online coverage of an issue or topic
  • put together a snappy campaign overview

Give it a go yourself.

(h/t to Simon for putting this on my radar)