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Julie O'Donnell

Julie O’Donnell

My name is Julie O’Donnell and I’m an integrated marketing strategist specialising in digital marketing in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.

Some of my professional backstory

I’ve been working in marketing and communications since 2007. I started life in the agency world, advising companies big and small across a range of sectors – Telecoms, IT, Healthcare, Recruitment, Interiors and Financial Services.

For more than eight years I have been specialising in the healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical sectors in various roles – most recently as Global Head of Customer Interaction at a pharmaceutical company (this is my personal blog and all views are my own and not representative of that of my employer). I lead a team collaborating actively across brands and countries to shape our customer experiences across channels – looking at digital interaction, congress/events and CRM/digital intelligence. My time is focussed on multichannel marketing strategy development, internal education and change management, corporate social media and content marketing strategies.

Prior to this I was Strategic Planning Director and Board Director with the agency Publicis D Healthcare with responsibility for delivering truly integrated PR, marketing and digital initiatives.

My views on business and marketing strategy

Throughout my career I’ve been focused on the development of insight-driven strategies that leverage all relevant channels…not digital for digital’s sake or forsaking a channel mix that creates a really engaging customer experience (regardless of who your ‘customer’ is).

I’m passionate about customer engagement and have relished the experience I’ve gained to-date working across brands, functions and markets. I’m focused on embedding strong multichannel strategic planning and a ‘storytelling’, content marketing ethos at the core of how the company ‘thinks’ to deepen relationships with all stakeholders and maximise the results of customer outreach.

I firmly believe that true customer understanding – derived from cross channel analytics (traditional, web, social, mobile), combined with equal measures of creativity and enabling technology – can shape customer experiences that can improve health outcomes.

What I blog about

Here I’ll blog about pretty much anything that catches my eye but I will regularly share news and perspectives on the intersection of marketing, technology and healthcare.

I currently live in Copenhagen – and yes I bike to work! Although I do have a healthy Waterford accent, a love of shiny gadgets, travel and Manchester United, I do not have an inflated ego so feel free to drop me a line, comment on the blog and proffer up any thoughts or criticisms you may have.



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