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Apr 27, 2013

Teddy Has an Operation and I Get Chills

Just why is this so unnerving?!

A Ze Frank video. For more click here.

Mar 16, 2012

Bottled Water Ad Like You’ve Never Seen Before (video)

Freddy Mercury swinging an electric eel. Steven Hawkins swearing. Being raped by a gang of Pandas. Two hour jacuzzi of horse sweat. These are just some of the things referenced in this absolutely crazy advert for Vytautas Mineral Water.

Love it or hate it?

Jan 24, 2012

A Decade of Video a Day Uploaded to YouTube

Today YouTube announced that one hour of video is uploaded to the site every second. A decade of footage a day!

Struggling to wrap your brain around that? Well YouTube have launched this really nice site,, which is full of interesting stats and figures which serve to put the volume of video and length of time spent on the site in context.

For example, who knew that ‘In 4 minutes 48 seconds of uploads to YouTube, the ostrich continues running at full speed, traveling 12,384 miles’?

Definitely worth checking out over your morning coffee.

Of course, YouTube being YouTube, they’ve posted a video along the same lines.



Jan 14, 2011

Get People Pregnant with Ideas

I came across this great video which pokes fun at all the self-professed social media gurus out there who have more buzzwords than insight.

Want to get a feel for someone who has ‘read the whole internet about 5 times’? Watch “What Is A Bajillion Hits? (A Viral Vidifesto)

Nov 14, 2010

OK Go’s New Video Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

OK Go are a band becoming increasingly more famous for their videos than for their music. Their last video for their track ‘White Knuckles‘ has racked up almost 7.5 million views on YouTube and was a choreographed spectacle featuring 38 buckets and 12 highly trained dogs. This time round they’ve tried to capture our attention with….toast. Yep. Toast.

Artist Geoff McFetridge created an animation for the band which was etched frame by frame onto slices of toast. The guys got the latest camera from Samsung (the NX100) as a freebie to capture photos of their toast mountain – clever move by Samsung. The shots were then woven together to create a stop motion animation for their new single ‘Last Leaf‘.

Samsung are hoping to leverage the band’s success with this video to promote the NX100. They’ve created a campaign site which allows you to etch your own photos onto toast and upload the resulting toasted masterpiece to Facebook. You can ‘Toast Ithere.


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